Located in the heart of busy Seminyak, there you will find Azumi. As it's Japanese namesake would suggest it is a shelter. A creative oasis, architecturally inspired by Japanese minimalism, where internationally renowned tattoo artist gather to share their talents and hone their skills.

A tattoo studio, unlike the others, whose primary focus is on client experience. Be that through the use of the highest levels of international hygiene standards & imported inks and needles. The collaboration between artist and patron. A process that sees ethereal ramblings become inked realities. Or the hosting from time to time of event and artshows that actively help to build community and inspire creativity both locally and abroad.

It is the core belief of the studio that the experience of getting a tattoo should last as long as the tattoo itself. So, if you have an idea or you just need some shelter from the hustle and bustle of Bali come in and visit us at Azumi.

Azumi Gallery

(602) 710-5028